The Short Form: a fun website

An interview of me over at the lively, thought-provoking site, The Short Form, is up today:

An excerpt:

      What is your relationship with short stories?

      Novels, not short stories, are my first love. I came to short stories late.   
      Possibly the first ones I read in English that made me go, wow, these are 
      amazing, but, oh, these are difficult, was in grad school. The stories were
      "The Egg" by Sherwood Anderson and "Slave on the Block" by Langston       
      Hughes. What did -- and continues to -- draw me to this form, when I'm 
      drawn to it, is control and precision, two things I arrive at more easily when 
      writing a chapter, rather than a complete story. A short story must end,
      while a chapter must urge you to turn the page. It's a physical and 
      psychological difference: I don't like socks and I don't like to tuck the sheets 
      under my bed ...

It was fun thinking more about my sometimes difficult connection to the short form while tackling the questions. And if you visit the site, read the other author responses too. A great way to spend a weekday evening. 

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