Thinner Than Skin is Longlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize!

Happy news this morning. My book, along with fourteen others, has been longlisted for the 2012 Man Asian Literary Prize:

I'm enjoying the moment and not thinking about Jan 9.


Aruna Hussain said...

Hi there, congratulations on your new novel and wish you the very best for the Prize!
I'm a Pakistani living in Australia and usually on the lookout for good books esp from back home - your books are unfortunately not available on kindle, which for ppl like me is the only source for such books that are not yet physically available in Australia - could you ask your publisher to release a kindle version please )of all your books)??
Most known PK writers have theirs available.
Thanks !!

Uzma Aslam Khan said...

Hi Aruna,

Thanks for writing. My previous two novels. Trespassing and The Geometry of God, are both very much available on kindle. Please see:

Best, Uzma

Aruna Hussain said...

oh! Thanks, it appears Trespassing is, but Geometry of God is not available even on kindle to customers residing in Australia. you might want to look into that :) I wanted to start with GoG, but this one will do for now...Thanks and all the best.

Junaid Tahir said...

Hi Uzma,
I came to know through an online infotainment community about your achievement. I am a UAE based Pakistani blogger and would like to read your articles/books.
All the best

Uzma Aslam Khan said...

Hello Junaid, and hello again, Aruna,

Junaid, thanks for writing in.

Aruna, I did follow up with my publishers about the kindle edition of The Geometry of God, and you're right that it's currently only available to US customers. This is hopefully going to change soon. In the meantime, the hard copy is available on line to all. As is the e-book of Trespassing, as you say... Cheers.

Aruna Hussain said...

That's great, thanks Uzma!
best, Aruna

AK said...

Hi Uzma
This is Archana Khare Ghose from The Times of India, New Delhi and I was wondering how to get in touch with you for a possible interview. Could you please drop me a mail on bearing your contact coordinates? I would be grateful.
Congratulations for the Man Asian long list!
Thanks and warm regards