More love for Thinner than Skin

Another lovely review. Thank you, Matthew Todd, for reading the book, for taking the time to think and feel on it so thoroughly.


Matt Todd said...

Thank you for writing such a gorgeous book!

Actually, I work in a bookstore and would love to handsell this to customers, but I can't find an Australian distributor for it. :-(

I shall be seeking out your older stuff pretty soon, I should imagine. You have a new fan.

Uzma Aslam Khan said...

Matt, hello!

Great to 'see' you visiting my blog. Now I can thank you directly for that lovely review, which continues to make my week.

So which bookstore in which city do you work at? I visited Australia back in 2003 when Trespassing came out; loved both Melbourne and Sydney. If Thinner than Skin finds a UK publisher the book will make it to you... I'll drop you a line here if it does :)

Take care.

Eazy to Earn said...
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Silvia Merialdo said...

Hi Uzma, just finished the book. I found it very intelligent, well-written and absorbing.

I loved the stories, the characters, the places, and the glaciers.

You can find a post about it in my blog (unfortunately in Italian...).

Uzma Aslam Khan said...

Hi Silvia,

Thanks so much for reading it, for your kind words, and for your blog post. (I visited your blog, regardless of all I couldn't understand!)