Tahira Abdullah speaks on the floods in Pakistan

The interview above addresses the following questions I asked Tahira Abdullah, prominent Pakistani human rights activist, about the floods in Pakistan. My questions are about the Swat Valley (in northern Pakistan) and about Sindh province (southern Pakistan).

1. In a previous interview, you mentioned that the IDPs (Internally Displaced People -- displaced from Swat Vallley after first the Taliban takeover, and then the subsequent actions of the Pakistan Army) were the first to be hit by the floods. Could you elaborate?

2 In the same earlier interview, you mentioned the need for boats. Because of the steepness of the mountains areas, what is the primary means of transport now that the area is under water and boats are hard to find?

3. Is there any one detail you want to stress about how Sindh has been affected? Anything that stands out as different from the impact on other areas?

There is also this excellent audio interview with Tahira


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