US launch of The Geometry of God

It's the eve of the US launch of my third novel, The Geometry of God. I'm trying to find just the right thing to say. I think I'll just do as Mehwish does in the book and send one of her drawings.
The drawing is called "Nana's hearing" and the ear is especially important. So are the toes.


misha_h_nyc said...

A stylized review from Broadway, NY

sighted at 770 broadway: just found your novel at Nielsen - the advance copy. Resting, forlornly, on a counter with jewelry magazines, it seemed tedious in comparison to the glossy rags. It took a concerted effort to find the illustrations - which were quite good

m.a.adcock said...
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Uzma Aslam Khan said...

Hello Mark,

Thanks so much for contacting me. I don't check my blog as much as I ought to, but it's always fun to see comments posted here. I'm particularly touched that you enjoyed Mehwish (who thanks you too). I think of her as a bit of a litmus test: some take to her, some find her impossible; it tells me a lot. Take care.